Congress Leader Mukesh Nayak Raises Concerns Over NEET-UG Paper Leak

Congress leader Mukesh Nayak highlights discrepancies in NEET-UG exam results, questioning the integrity of the evaluation process and urging authorities to address these issues promptly

Sumit Kumar
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Mukesh Nayak

By A Staff Reporter: Congress leader Mukesh Nayak has sounded the alarm over potential irregularities in the NEET-UG examination process, citing glaring disparities in the reported exam results. Nayak pointed out that certain students allegedly received scores that mathematically appeared improbable within the established framework of the exam.

The revelation of one student achieving 718 marks and another securing 719 marks has raised serious doubts about the accuracy and reliability of the NEET-UG evaluation system. According to Nayak, such numerical inconsistencies unravel the entire evaluation process, casting a shadow of suspicion over the fairness and integrity of the examination.

These concerns have sparked widespread calls for a thorough investigation into the alleged paper leak and subsequent anomalies in the NEET-UG results. Many stakeholders, including students, parents, and education experts, are urging authorities to address these issues promptly to uphold the credibility and trustworthiness of the NEET-UG examination.