Chhattisgarh Minister Pledges Unwavering Support for PM Modi

Chhattisgarh Minister and BJP leader OP Choudhary expressed unwavering support for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, highlighting the overwhelming endorsement of Indian citizens for his leadership in securing a third term.

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OP Choudhary

By A Staff Reporter: In a statement resonating with loyalty and determination, Chhattisgarh Minister and prominent BJP figure OP Choudhary conveyed firm commitment to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's leadership following his re-election for a third term. Drawing historical parallels, Choudhary noted that Modi's consecutive terms echo the tenure of former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, showcasing the enduring trust bestowed upon the current leader by the Indian populace. Emphasizing the unity within the BJP, Choudhary assured that both he and the party are resolute in their dedication to serve under Modi's guidance, aligning their efforts with the aspirations and welfare of the nation. This declaration underscores the steadfast support within the BJP ranks and reaffirms their collective resolve to advance India's development agenda under Modi's stewardship.