BREAKING: Russian forces attack Kryvyi Rih, death toll rises

Russian forces have destroyed the Kryvyi Rih in Ukraine. The death toll is increasing.

New Update

By a Staff Reporter: Russia created a terrible situation in Ukraine on Monday. Russia launched an airstrike in Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine. As a result of the air strike, 34 dead bodies have been recovered so far. It is feared that many more bodies may still be recovered.


Ukrainian President Zelensky said about the attack, "Rescuers and all necessary services are on the scene and working. We are trying to save as many people as possible. I have already spoken to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. Oleksiy Kuleba, Deputy Head of the President's Office for Regional Policy, and RSA heads are already dealing with the situation. In recent days, the enemy has stubbornly continued to attack cities, towns, civilian objects and residences. But this terror cannot scare or break us."