BJP's Amrita Roy Reflects on Krishnanagar Loss

BJP's Amrita Roy, defeated by TMC's Mahua Moitra in Krishnanagar, cites lack of political experience and party unity, expressing disappointment over campaign setbacks.

Sumit Kumar
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Rajmata Amrita Roy

By A Staff Reporter: Following her defeat in the Krishnanagar Lok Sabha constituency against TMC's Mahua Moitra, BJP candidate Amrita Roy reflects on her campaign journey. Roy, who joined BJP in March just before the campaigning commenced, admits her limited political experience and reliance on party guidance throughout the election process.

In her post-election statement, Roy acknowledges the overwhelming response from the people but expresses confusion over the ultimate outcome. She points to what she perceives as a lack of professionalism and unity within the party's campaign efforts, which may have contributed to her defeat.

Roy's introspection sheds light on the challenges faced by newcomers in the political arena and underscores the importance of organizational cohesion and strategy in electoral success. As she navigates this setback, Roy's remarks resonate with the broader discourse on political accountability and campaign effectiveness within the BJP.