Bihar Deputy CM: Opposition Fearful of Modi's Anti-Corruption Stand

Bihar's Deputy CM, Vijay Sinha, alleges opposition fears PM Modi's anti-corruption stance, branding them as desperate. Sinha emphasizes Modi's commitment to holding the corrupt accountable, sparking controversy.

Sumit Kumar
New Update
Vijay Sinha

Delhi: Bihar's Deputy Chief Minister, Vijay Sinha, ignited controversy with his remarks, alleging that the opposition is spreading fear about Prime Minister Modi's strong stance against corruption. Sinha, addressing concerns, emphasized PM Modi's unwavering commitment to ensuring accountability and justice for corrupt individuals.

Sinha further accused the opposition of desperation, suggesting that they are nervous about the potential consequences if PM Modi secures a third term. He highlighted the government's determination to tackle corruption head-on, reassuring citizens that corrupt practices will not be tolerated.

These comments come amidst heightened political tensions and speculation surrounding the upcoming elections, with Sinha's remarks adding fuel to the ongoing debate about governance and accountability in Bihar and beyond.