Big news: Explosion near Golden Temple in Amritsar, spreading panic

Blast near Amritsar's Golden Temple. Read the report for details.

08 May 2023
Big news: Explosion near Golden Temple in Amritsar, spreading panic

By a Staff Reporter: The explosion is said to have occurred near the Golden Temple in Amritsar, Punjab. The blast took place on Heritage Street near the Golden Temple on Monday. One person was injured in the blast. He is said to have injured his leg. According to the police, the cause of the explosion has not yet been confirmed. An investigation has been started to find out the cause of the explosion. Bomb squad and FSL team are on the spot. Police informed that the situation is normal now. Some parts of nearby buildings were damaged due to the blast. It may be noted that earlier on May 6 there was an explosion on Heritage Street. One person was injured in the explosion on Saturday. Consecutive explosions on Heritage Street have created panic among the locals. A local said about today's explosion, he suddenly heard a loud noise. Then he panicked when he saw smoke all around. However, police said, both Saturday and today's blasts were less intense. However, there is fear in the minds of the local people about whether this kind of incident will happen again in the future. However, police are continuing to investigate the scene. Police are investigating whether there is a possibility of such incidents happening again in the future. The police are also investigating whether any sabotage is being attempted. A message has been given by the police to the general public not to be unnecessarily afraid.