ANM News Exit poll: BJP led NDA poised for a third term

Who is going to lead tomorrow?

Anusmita Bhattacharya
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BY A STAFF REPORTER: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is predicted to win big from Varanasi even as independent polls indicate that NDA will ride back to power for the third time. According to post poll feedback from a cross section of electorates, BJP led NDA is set to win 320 seats out of 543 Lok Sabha seats.

The saffron party on it's won is predicted to win in about 290 to 300 seats with major gains indicated in East and Southern part of the country. The BJP hopes to get around 11 seats in Assam, 12 seats in Odisha, 22 seats in West Bengal, 8 seats in Telengana, 3 seats in Andhra Pradesh, 17 seats in Karnataka and 2 seats in Tamil Nadu. INDIA block is expected to win in about 180 to 200 seats while others might rom hone in about 25 to 40 seats.

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