Manipur crisis: is it going from bad to worse?

Manipur, a state of hot talk right now, is still suffering from crisis. Is the N Biren Singh led government solely responsible for this situation?

Anusmita Bhattacharya
26 May 2023
Manipur crisis: is it going from bad to worse?

BY A STAFF REPORTER: Why is the Manipur government failing to control the ethnic strife in the state? There are reports of violence pouring in from Churachandpur, Bishenpur and bordering areas with Myanmar.

The crisis has taken international ramification with investigative reports indicating that arms and ammunition are being supplied to the militants by foreign powers. The N Biren Singh led government has completely failed to tackle the situation, according to Nikesh, a local resident of Imphal. With prices of essential commodities soaring, common man are the hardest hit in the state. Despite the heavy presence of army and security forces, houses of ministers and political leaders are set on fire, people are being killed and there is absolute mayhem in areas with mixed populations.