64% people want Narendra Modi as PM again

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BY A STAFF REPORTER: Dailyhunt, a vernacular content discovery platform in India, today unveiled the results of the "Trust of the Nation 2024" survey. The online survey, conducted through Dailyhunt in 11 languages, including English, Hindi and the main regional languages, has received feedback from over 77 lakh participants from various demographics and is providing valuable insight into public sentiment ahead of the 2024 general elections.

According to the survey, 61 per cent of the respondents expressed satisfaction with the current administration led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to understand the public perception of the performance of the present government. Notably, 63 per cent believe that the BJP-NDA alliance will win the upcoming general elections.

Key findings from the survey include:  

  •  Election Attitudes for 2024: 
  • Three out of five (64 per cent) are in favour of Prime Minister Narendra Modi continuing as prime minister. 21.8 per cent people are in favour of Rahul Gandhi.


    Nearly two out of three (63 per cent) believe that the BJP-NDA alliance will win the upcoming elections.


    In Delhi, PM Modi is leading with 57.7 per cent votes. Rahul Gandhi got 24.2 per cent votes and Yogi Adityanath got 13.7 per cent.


    In Uttar Pradesh, Modi was the top choice with 78.2 per cent votes. Rahul Gandhi got 10 per cent votes.

  • PM Modi emerged as the leading candidate in West Bengal with 62.6 per cent votes. Rahul Gandhi got 19.6 per cent votes and regional leader Mamata Banerjee got 14.8 per cent votes
  •  In the southern states, the picture is more subtle:
  • In Tamil Nadu, Rahul Gandhi is leading with 44.1 per cent support while Prime Minister Narendra Modi is leading with 43.2 per cent support.

      ▪ However, it is expected to be a close fight in Kerala, with PM Modi getting 40.8 per cent votes and                Rahul Gandhi getting 40.5 per cent votes.

      ▪ In Telangana, Prime Minister Narendra Modi got 60.1 per cent votes. Rahul Gandhi got 26.5 per cent           votes and N Chandrababu Naidu got 6.6 per cent.

       ▪ In Andhra Pradesh, Modi got 71.8 per cent votes. Rahul Gandhi got 17.9 per cent votes and N                     Chandrababu Naidu got 7.4 per cent.

  •  Good Governance and Economic Progress:
  • Three-fifths of respondents (61%) expressed their approval of the current administration's work, while 21% expressed dissatisfaction.
  • More than half (53.3%) of respondents assessed the PM Modi government's economic management as 'very good', while 20.9% believed it 'could have been better'. 
  • Six in ten (60%) respondents said they were "very happy" about it. The country's economic progress under Modi's leadership. 
  • Sixty-three percent of people in the western, eastern and northern regions are satisfied with the country's economic progress. In the South, only 55 percent of people approve.
  • More than half (52.6%) of the respondents expressed deep satisfaction with the strict anti-corruption measures of the government led by PM Modi, while 28.1 percent expressed dissatisfaction.  
  • Foreign Policy:

    Almost two-thirds of respondents (64%) rated the Modi government's handling of foreign affairs 'very good', while 14.5% believe it 'could have been better'.

● Crisis handling:

While 63.6 per cent said they were extremely happy with PM Modi's leadership during the national emergency, 20.5 per cent were "unhappy" and 10.7 per cent were "neutral".

● Welfare Initiatives:

More than half (53.8%) of the respondents expressed considerable satisfaction with the welfare initiatives of the central government, while 24.9% were dissatisfied.