'In Bengal, outsiders are the asset', proved by Suvendu

Now the opposition party leader has given that list on social media.

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By a Staff Reporter: As soon as Trinamool's list of candidates for the Lok Sabha elections was announced, the names of the candidates in several constituencies caught the attention of the opposition. Trinamool has nominated several prominent people from outside Bengal. Trinamool opposition parties strongly protested about this. Trinamool did not get any Bengali candidate, state BJP president Sukant Majumder said this on this situation. Opposition leader Suvendu Adhikari also sneered. And now the opposition party leader has given that list on social media.


Suvendu wrote on his X handle that day, "According to the Constitution of India, no Indian citizen, irrespective of the province he belongs to, can be called an outsider in any other province. We have also never imposed foreigner's name on anyone. But the Trinamool leadership has always identified the All-India level leaders as outsiders at various times according to their own convenience. Today I put the mirror in front of their faces".


As per the list provided by Suvendu, the Trinamool MPs in the Rajya Sabha are – Saket Gokhale, Sushmita Dev and the newly appointed Sagarika Ghosh Sardesai. All of them are outsiders. Saket Gokhale is a resident of Delhi, Sushmita Dev is a resident of Assam and Sagarika Sardesai is a resident of Delhi.


And now if you look at the list of candidates, then you will see - Durgapur constituency candidate Kirti Azad, a resident of Bihar. The candidate for Baharampur constituency is Yusuf Pathan, a resident of Gujarat. And Asansol candidate Shatrughan Sinha is from Mumbai but he is also a resident of Bihar. And this is what BJP has objected to.