How is Lord Krishna's birthday celebrated?

Janmashtami is celebrated in different ways. On this day Little Krishna or Gopala is placed in the cradle. The surroundings are decorated with flowers. Puja is also done at home.

Pallabi Sanyal
04 Sep 2023

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By A Staff Reporter : Janmashtami is the celebration of Krishna's birthday.Janmashtami is an important festival for Hindus especially Vaishnab.This festival is celebrated in various ways.According to Bhagavata Purana, Janmashtami is celebrated with dance, drama called Rasalila or Krishna Leela, singing of religious songs at the moment of birth of Lord Krishna at midnight, fasting,dahi handi.Rasalila mainly depicts various incidents of Lord Krishna's childhood. On the other hand, in the Dahi Handi tradition, butter bones are placed very high and many boys try to break the bones by forming a human pyramid.At midnight on Krishna's birthday, his small idol is bathed, wiped with a cloth and arranged in a cradle.The worshipers then break the fast by exchanging food and sweets among themselves.