Government to give private sector a stiff competition

The state government is ready to compete with the private sector.



BY A STAFF REPORTER: The state government is all ready to give the private sector a run for it’s money. The state health department is working on a proposal to build a state of art 250 bedded hospital with all modern facilities including world class cabins and equipments inside the SSKM Hospital. Speaking exclusively to ANM News, state health secretary NS Nigam said the hospital is being constructed within the SSKM premises and expected to be completed in the next two years. The hospital will have all modern facilities and equipments for treatment and will be better than the best private sector hospital or nursing home in the state and in Kolkata. The state government is also planning to increase the number of cabins in the Woodburn ward, the premier treatment facility centre in SSKM hospital. The health secretary mentioned that the government doctors will be functioning in the state of art hospital with nursing and other services at par with the best in the industry. The health care system is stretched in the state and experts feel there is an urgent need to increase and improve facilities. The charges at the state of art hospital inside SSKM will be moderate and inexpensive but rates will be fixed in such a manner that it does not run at a loss, a senior health department official added.