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By a Staff Reporter:

1. e-Nomination:

Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) offers three schemes with

three different objectives to help working individuals build a suitable retirement

corpus. These include the Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF), Employees’

Pension Scheme (EPS), and Employees’ Deposit Linked Insurance (EDLI)

Scheme, which serve as savings, pension, and insurance cover, respectively.

E-nomination provides authority to the nominee or dependents (spouse,

children, and parents) of the EPF account holder to withdraw funds

accumulated (EPF, EPS, and ELDIS) in the event of demise. 

How to File e-Nomination Online in

EPFO’s platform ?

The member can file the online nomination form through UAN member

portal which is available through Homepage >> UAN services >> UAN

Member Portal or directly through URL

 Login to the EPF member portal: Member Home ( You must sign in using a universal account number (UAN) and password.

EPFO issues the UAN, which is a 12-digit number

 Select e-nomination under the ‘Manage’ tab

Click on ‘Enter new nomination’ option and proceed.



(Only Aadhaar verified UAN holders can file e-nomination)

(Facility is available only from the UAN based login of the member)

Before you start ensure the following: In your profile section: Availability of all these details is

mandatory: (Since Aadhaar verification is a pre-condition, it means that Name, Date of Birth

and Gender of the member against UAN is verified against his/ her Aadhaar)

Important Notes: • If the member wants to nominate a few family persons he should add

them. • ## In case the member is married and has spouse and children, he should add them

even if he does not wish to nominate them under PF. Spouse and children are defined as

family for Pension Fund. So their names should be added in the family list. • Please keep the

Aadhaar number and photo of the family member ready with you before you start filing. •

Only a member who is not married and is not having any of the family member as mentioned

above may nominate any other person irrespective of relation for PF. • Only a member not

having spouse or children can nominate a person for Pension Contribution. • In case there is

no spouse and no children then only the Pension Nomination link will open and member can

nominate one person. . The nomination under the EPF Scheme will be applicable

for the EDLI Scheme also.

Step wise process: • Add family members • For each family member upload photo and

enter Aadhaar. Aadhaar data is verified against the name, date of birth and gender of the

family entered by member. On successful verification only the family will be added. • Bank

account is not mandatory • Once completed a pdf is generated and the pdf has to be e-

signed by the member through his Aadhaar linked mobile OTP authentication. • E-

nominations that are only filed and pdf not e-signed will not be considered for action in the

event to demise of the member. E-Nomination becomes complete only when the pdf is e-

signed. • A valid e -nomination ensures that the family members can login through OTP on

their Aadhaar linked mobile for filing online claim post death of the member.

How to change e-Nomination :

• Member is eligible for changing the nomination at any point of time if he so wishes. • He has

to file a fresh nomination and e-sign the same. No editing of the previously e-signed

nomination is possible. • E-Sign of the fresh nomination will replace the nomination filed

earlier with the fresh one. • A member who has filed nomination as unmarried later gets

married the earlier nomination becomes invalid. He has to file a fresh nomination after

marriage. • Members should try to update the nomination as and when there is a change in

family due to new child birth, or death of a nominated person in family. This will help the

family to correctly get their dues.

Process to e-Sign :

Click on E-sign link. After that a new page will open. Select the checkbox. On the next

page, member have two options for Aadhaar Based e-Authentication. • Aadhaar number •

Virtual ID Enter Aadhaar number / Virtual id and press verify button. After that an OTP will be

sent to member’s Aadhaar-linked mobile number. On entering the OTP press submit button,

nomination details will be saved in the database of EPFO.



I. E-nominations completed in the Zone – 51.89%

II. Total E-nominations at initiation stage : 1,64,117

III. Total E-nomination pending for E-sign : 1,37,024


EPFO (Employees’ Provident Fund Organization) is one of the World's largest Social

Security Organisations in terms of clientele and the volume of financial transactions

undertaken. It is working under the administrative control of Ministry of Labour and

Employment, Government of India. At present it maintains 27.74 crore accounts pertaining to

its members. EPFO is providing its services to employees, employers, pensioners, and other

stakeholders in a most efficient and dedicated manner. EPFO administers EPF Scheme

1952, Pension Scheme 1995 (EPS) and

Employees’ Deposite Linked Insurance Scheme 1976 (EDLI) for the workforce engaged in

the organized sector in India and is poised to release the benefits in an effective and efficient

manner during the dire need.

Seamless and uninterrupted service delivery to its stakeholders through state-of-the-art

technology to meet the evolving needs of comprehensive social security in a transparent,

contactless, faceless and paperless manner to ensure ease of living for members and

pensioners are the mission of the Organisation. Besides settlement of claims reaching us in

usual course, the Organisation has taken the endeavour to identify the cases where member

has attained the age making him eligible to get Superannuation pension , but not applied.

Besides, the members of the bereaved family in death cases where benefits are due but not

applied due to ignorance or otherwise. Also there are cases, where either one or more than

one of the benefits has/have been available but the other(s) is/are left over, because of lack

of awareness.

The challenge is enormous as the Organisation needs to reach those members/claimants ,

who could not reach us. EPFO through its flagship outreach programme titled Nidhi Aapke

Nikat, 2.0 organise camps at all Districts on 27 th of each month to reach at the doorstep of the

claimants to make them aware, facilitate and guide to file legitimate claims. Filing of E-

nomination is one of the important agenda which is also propagated through this programme.

We need the active participation of the Employers, People representatives, Print, Electronic

and Social Media to reach those people at farthest corner of the society to deliver the

benefits meant for them. Media can play a significant role in disseminating the information

and play an instrumental role in raising awareness about the mission taken by the

Organisation to settle claim on due basis, facilitating by handholding them for lodging claims

towards expeditious settlement and benefit delivery.

As on 04.02.2024, there are 75,119 cases of Superannuation Pension and 38,936 such

Death Cases spread over 10 Regional Offices under Kolkata Zone where benefits have

accrued but not claimed. All the Offices are adequately sensitized to extend fullest

cooperation to the members/claimants approaching Offices and they are advised to contact

the nearest EPFO Office. The detailed information and contacts are available on our