Bidhannagar traffic- a nightmare for commuters

Absence of senior officers, non functional DC traffic hampers add to woes.

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Bidhannagar police is unable to manage traffic as vehicles stood bumper to bumper in peak and even in no peak areas on various roads. The important Biswa Bangla Sarani which connects major offices, work place and universities is mostly clogged with heavy traffic. Locals alleged that they had complained about the traffic congestion which they claimed is police made, to the commissioner of police Gaurav Sharma and deputy commissioner of police, traffic Indira Mukherjee but to no avail. Areas near Webel, Sector V, New Town bus stand, Salt Lake are worst sufferers. “The civic volunteers with a couple of constables man these important areas. They have no experience and knowledge about managing traffic,“ Apratim Mukherjee, a local resident said. Residents also alleged that none of the senior officers are on the road managing and supervising movement of traffic. “Take a look around the sensitive areas where congestion takes place everyday and you will find constable and civic volunteers with almost no experience manning the intersections,” said Alok Das, a local resident. There are large number of state government offices in Salt Lake and New Town and even senior IAS and IPS officers indicated that DC traffic Bidhannagar Indira Mukherjee is hardly seen on road. Sources close to top pllice brass of Bidhannagar police said, Indira Mukherjee is always busy in “other work” as she has multiple responsibilities. With Mukherjee failing to address the traffic problem, it is daily challenge for commuters in Salt Lake to travel for work or other endeavours.