Bengal BJP condmes Sam Pitrodas comments

The Bengal BJP condemned Pitroda's remarks.

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BY A STAFF REPORTER: BJP's Jadavpur candidate Anirban Ganguly on Saturday hit out at the Congress over Sam Pitroda and Rahul Gandhi's remarks. Addressing a press conference on Wednesday evening, the Bengal BJP leader said, "The alliance of the Congress and its allies will now touch the financial savings of the common man. Congress will grab the property of the common man and give it away. The BJP leader also slammed the Congress for its politics of appeasement.

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After the death of the parents, the child will not get the entire property, a part will go to the government, the country's work. Pitroda's proposal and Rahul Gandhi's remarks on 'property survey' have sparked a fierce debate across the country. "This dynastic party (Congress) has built its empire by looting the country's wealth. Now they think that your property is their birthright. The future of the children of the employed is hidden in the fixed deposit. Congress will conduct a survey and take over it. "All this is written in the Congress manifesto. According to sources, along with Anirban Ganguly, other leaders of BJP's Jadavpur organizational district were also present at the press conference on Wednesday.