Karnataka Chief Minister.....Ajay Dharam Singh informed

Who is the next Chief Minister of Karnataka? There is still curiosity about that. This time, Congress leader Ajay Dharam Singh gave information about the selection of Chief Minister.

18 May 2023
Karnataka Chief Minister.....Ajay Dharam Singh informed

By a Staff Reporter: Curiosity is growing across the country over the announcement of the next Chief Minister of Karnataka. Karnataka Congress MLA Ajay Dharam Singh has said on this. He said, "Our senior leaders and the high command are coming to a decision. The decision will be announced on both the leaders. They will be seen together in the upcoming meeting". Note that although the name of Siddaramaiah as the Chief Minister is known to be the first choice of the Congress High Command, nothing has been officially announced by the Congress High Command in this regard. Earlier, Karnataka Congress MLA and senior leader Siddaramaiah met Congress party's Karnataka in-charge Randeep Surjewala and Congress general secretary KC Venugopal in Delhi. Shortly thereafter, Shivakumar came to meet Congress general secretary KC Venugopal. When Shivakumar was asked about the Chief Minister's election, he said that he has left everything to the High Command. The High Command will take all the decisions. Note that Congress wants to form a strong government in Karnataka. The Congress high command is aiming to select the right Chief Minister, keeping an eye on the history so that it does not repeat itself.