Big news: Shivakumar challenges BJP again

Congress won big in Karnataka. Shivakumar has given BJP the next challenge.

New Update

By a Staff Reporter: BJP is devastated by the storm of Congress in Karnataka. Congress won 135 seats in Karnataka under the chairmanship of Shivakumar. On the other hand, BJP got 66 seats. Shivakumar gave the next challenge to the BJP. He has set his aim on securing the BJP's defeat in Karnataka in the Lok Sabha elections. He said that the aim of the Congress will be to win 20 seats in the Lok Sabha. "Winning 20 seats (in the Lok Sabha elections) is our next challenge. We have a united house, I don't want to divide anyone here. I am a responsible person. I don't want to go into wrong history, I don't want to make bad comments," he said.