Do you know that Pakistan wanted US help in the Kargil war? Know the full story

The Kargil war created a dire situation. Pakistan wanted US help in the war.

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By a Staff Reporter: The atrocities of the Kargil war still strike fear in the hearts of Indians. But do you know that when the war escalates, Pakistan wanted the help of the United States for mediation. But the then US President Bill Clinton said that he would not try to mediate if Pakistan did not withdraw its troops from the Indian side.

1999 Kargil War: The Infantryman's Indomitable Spirit And Bofor Guns'  Booming Firepower Proved Decisive In Operation Vijay's Success

Then on 4th July 1999, Pakistan agreed to withdraw its troops from India. However, some Pakistani troops, supported by the United Jihad Council, refused to withdraw from India and continued fighting. Finally, on July 26, 1999, the war officially ended when the Pakistani forces who continued the war surrendered.