Phenomenal women-By Aditi Chakraborty, principal St Jude’s school

“Yesterday, Today and Everyday I am a woman  Phenomenally, Phenomenal Woman  That’s me”

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By a staff reporter: "Me . . . . . 

Today . . . “I am a woman 


Phenomenal woman 

That’s me. . .”

"School life meant to me a curtain raiser of the first stage of life where my lady teachers were inspiring me towards shaping my future. A shy child sitting with obedient eyes could only follow all instructions. Never thought of speaking to the world, only spoke to me, myself. 

Twinkle twinkle little star, How I wonder what you are. . . . was always a wonder to know more. What is the wonder star, is it like the diamonds twinkling in the sky? How do the stars twinkle, questions enveloped my curious mind. 

Being the daughter of working parents, I gathered all my answers in my flights of fantasy. When I could not get the answers to my “Profit and Loss” questions in the Mathematics Class, I looked blank to my teacher and felt “is it Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water, . . . Jill came tumbling after”. Is it me. . . Jill  myself tumbling after in the Mathematics classes. Again when the Emperical Formulae and Molecular formulae or balancing of equations was a whirlwind…  there came a lady teacher who broke pieces of chalk and cleared my doubts, I looked at her and felt “O fairest of Greatest! Last and best of all God’s works”. . . Mathematics and Chemistry was more of logic in the hands of my competent lady teachers my mother and my teachers cradled my world.  

The curves in the echocardiogram  shows undulated ups and downs. Life had the same story of so many failures, shattered dreams, setbacks to end up with no enterprises of life. Santosh Yadav, while reading her I felt the zeal to never give up on goals no matter how difficult they may seem. With Science being my subjects of Classes XI, XII, I felt like “Pradip niviya gelo” yet gathered up the courage to stand up and run like Durga in Apu trilogy who ran after the sprawling train. Everywhere in the lawns of life I met myself, a woman and so many women . . . Jubilating and making life.  

The stories of my life propelled forward and provided me with visual and aural hues in moments of profound emotional turmoil. I became a teacher, started playing with human minds, human hearts. It gave me the greatest optimum pleasure. My world became broader and wider in this Great Wide Wonderful Beautiful world. I try to Innovate Enrich and Empower human minds. It is a therapeutic thriller. I met my daughter too, the greenery of my soul. 

You know in my journey of life, I believe one is not born a woman, one becomes one, I became one too. I feel that the best way to celebrate Women’s Day is to create it with Explorations and follow knowledge like the sinking star. Enjoy taking up challenges. Today as a Principal of St. Jude’s High School, Kolkata and as a teacher to young minds I would loudly say . . ."

Say together. 

“Yesterday, Today and Everyday

I am a woman 

Phenomenally, Phenomenal Woman 

That’s me”

(The views expressed are personal of the author)

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