Dr. Kakoli Kumar Speaks On The Importance of International Women's Day

"International Women's Day speaks for itself. That there is relevance for it. Not only in india but also internationally. And we often have a debate on..." - Dr. kakoli Kumar, Gynecologist.

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By a staff reporter: 

As International Women's Day is around the corner, Dr. Kakoli Kumar, an eminent gynecologist from Kolkata, West Bengal, shared her opinions on the importance of this day and why it is celebrated Internationally.

Dr. Kakoli Kumar highlighted that International Women's Day, which is celebrated on the 8th of March every year, is not only relevant in India but it holds global relevance. 

Moreover, Dr. Kakoli emphasized that there are frequent debates on the need for Women's Day and its popularity compared to Men’s Day. Upon this topic, she stated "We are not anti-men. But, we need a day when women all around the world are recognized, just recognized, for being what they are. Their relevance, their importance, their contribution to the lives around them, society, and their profession is commemorated."

Dr. Kakoli Kumar underscored that International Women's Day is not just for successful women, it is about women and their different roles. She further stated that every woman has a different identity and that should be celebrated and recognized

On being asked about the prevalence of gender bias, Dr. Kakoli said "Oh yes! Gender Bias exists even in the lives of women like me." Kumar further expressed gratitude for being born into a family of doctors. However, despite being privileged, educated, emancipated, and empowered, Dr. Kakoli has too faced gender bias at times. But, it is mild and covert. 

Speaking about her profession, Dr. Kakoli explained that the medical profession is tough, from the entrance exam to post-graduation, it demands a lot of resilience and dedication. She further shared that all her peers have endured the struggle.

Despite having great experience in her profession, Dr. Kakoli faces gender bias which is precisely societal and it is incurable. Subsequently, she has to prove her worth and competence every day. While her male colleagues are supportive, Dr. Kakoli and other female gynecologists are aware that there is possible skepticism among the patients and expectant mothers regarding their skills and whether they are good enough to deliver their babies. "The patients don't directly express it on my face, but I can feel that they doubt my skills" she added. 

International Women's Day is celebrated on the 8th of March annually to commemorate women all around the globe. As we all know, for centuries, women have endured significant gender discrimination and stereotyping in all aspects of life, yet they fight the bias and society every day to succeed in various fields and prove their worth.



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