What did the IGP say about air strikes, refugees, surrender?

Injured Myanmar nationals cross the international border into Mizoram's Champai district after an army airstrike.

14 Nov 2023


BY A STAFF REPORTER: About 2,000 people have sought refuge in Mizoram. It is known that in the evening, the voter drives to the post office. As a result, Janmasabha began to lead to Mizoram. The Jatra IGP writes, “39 people surrendered in Mizoram last evening. We hand them over to our two governing forces. The total number of members to the Mizo police surrendered symbol is 42. About 2,000 residents called themselves more civil and about 20 people's representatives. 8 of them have taken Izel for advanced treatment. One of these died last evening of his stray bullet. "

hiring 2.jpeg