Unbelievable! Now You Will Reach The Moon By Train

Like Delhi, Mumbai, Goa, you can go to Mars.

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BY A STAFF REPORTER: Now you can go far by train. Anyone who hears it at first will be shocked. But the unbelievable is about to happen. Like Delhi, Mumbai, Goa, go to Mars. Whether it's the moon again. Again on the bullet train.

Water on the Moon: UK technology will put humans on the Moon by 2050 |  Science | News | Express.co.uk

According to sources, Japan has planned to make this impossible a reality. According to sources, Japan's bullet train will reach another planet via satellite. There will be life in both places. And this life will be given by the people of the world.

In addition, accommodation is being made in two places. Which will include artificial gravity. There will be arrangements for everyone's transportation. Greening will also be arranged. There will be rivers, parks, water, everything. There will be a 1300 feet high building. Japanese scientists say that its prototype can be built by 2050.