UK stand with India against Khalistan

Now UK is on India's side against Khalistan.

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By a Staff Reporter: UK will stand shoulder to shoulder with India in war against Khalistanis and other separatists. Speaking exclusively to ANM News, Conservative Party leader and member of House of Lords, Raminder Ranger said UK government has already pledged a massive funds to India’s war against Khalistanis.


 “India is progressing fast and some misguided elements with vested interests are out to destabilise the country. UK stands with India in fight against Khalistanis,” Ranger said. Khalistani sympathisers and activists have been active in London and UK. According to local police report they have been instigating attacks in Indian origin UK residents and Indian missions in UK. The sympathisers of Khalistan have also been accused of carrying out subversive activities against India from UK soil.