The secret tunnel of Hamas was revealed

The Israeli army sent 4,000 liters of water to the hospitals attacked by Hamas. Dry food has also been sent with him.

17 Nov 2023

BY A STAFF REPORTER: Hamas forces attacked Gaza's three largest hospitals. Due to which many people have been killed. This time, the road to the secret tunnel of Hamas terrorists came forward. The Israeli military has already released photos of a large cache of Hamas weapons from al-Shifa hospital. Incidentally, there have been allegations for a long time that the militant group Hamas is continuing to attack hospitals by building bunkers.

The Israeli army posted a video on their 'X' handle. Where this tunnel has been seen. The Israeli army said, “Hamas is using the three largest hospitals in Gaza. A tunnel used by militants has already been found from Al Shifa Hospital. ” They again posted that the army said that similar tunnels were found in RANTC and Al Quds Hospitals.

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