Not at fault: BSF, State police files FIR

The death of four kids at the Indo-Bangladesh border.

Aniruddha Chakraborty
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BY A STAFF REPORTER: The death of four kids at the Indo-Bangladesh border in Chopra has taken a State against the Centre turn with the state police registering a FIR against the company commander of BSF and owner of the JCB. According to initial report, the land belonged to the BSF and the force were digging trenches as part of their effort to stop cattle smuggling. ``The JCB was digging the trenches and there was a heap of mud. As per our information six boys started to play on the heap of mud and fell into the trench. The boys were unaccompanied and it is an unfortunate incident but BSF cannot be blamed for the incident,'' a senior BSF officer told ANM News over phone from Delhi. There has been complaints of rampant cattle smuggling and illegal immigration from Bangladesh into Chopra and surrounding areas.