The global food crisis! The country is under pressure

Russia is under pressure at the United Nations to avoid a global food crisis and revive Ukraine's grain shipments.



BY A STAFF REPORTER: Russia on Friday faced pressure at the UN Security Council from its ally China and developing countries, as well as Western countries, to avoid a global food crisis and revive Ukrainian grain shipments quickly.

Members of the United Nations and the Security Council criticized Moscow for attacking Ukrainian ports and destroying port infrastructure after pulling out of the one-year-old grain deal.

In response to the declaration that large areas of the Black Sea are dangerous for shipping, the United Nations has warned that military accidents at sea could have "catastrophic consequences".

Russia said it suspended the Black Sea grain initiative because the United Nations failed to overcome barriers to its food and fertilizer supply to the rest of Ukraine's grain deal. The Kremlin has said it will consider resuming Ukrainian shipments if progress is made in overcoming obstacles, including the banking system.