Moscow getting ready to defend against an attack

Wagner group may pose a possible strike. So The Russian military has placed sand trucks in preparation to restrict them.


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Correspondent, Moscow: Moscow is gearing up for attack. The Russian military has placed sand trucks along the road, in the outskirts of the city in preparation for a possible strike by the Wagner group, mercenaries who were fighting alongside the Russian army but had suddenly rebelled against Putin. Video garbs viral on social media showed sandbags being placed in trucks which are parked on the roads. People have been told to stay indoors and stock up food and essential commodities.

Information coming out of Moscow revealed that the city is in a state of panic. The chief of Wagner group, Yevgeny Prigozhin was one a close ally of President Vladimir Putin, but has been very critical of the Russian military leadership. The Wagner group claimed that they have made rapid progress inside Russia and hinted that days of ``grandfather'' are over as he has taken a wrong decision. Yevgeny refers to Putin as grandfather and also hinted that Russia could be looking towards a new President.