Modi-Rishi set to win in India and UK: Lord Rami Ranger

Conservative Party leader and member of the House of Lords Raminder Ranger has commented on the improved trade relations between India and the United Kingdom.

Probha Rani Das
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BY A STAFF REPORTER: Despite odds highly stashed against them, Conservatives in the UK are hopeful of coming back to power. Speaking exclusively to ANM News over phone from London, Conservative party leader and member of house of Lords, Raminder Ranger claimed that the UK under Rishi Sunak has improved the economy and brought down unemployment.


``The foreign policy has improved and we enjoy an excellent relationship with India. I am very keen to see the free trade agreement between the world's largest democracy and world's oldest democracy come through, thus improving the business development between two countries,'' he said.

The UK goes to polls on July 4 this year. Ranger, an avid supporter of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, claimed that Sunak enjoys a special relationship with him. ``Conservatives have been in power for 14 hours and we will return to govern again. The Labour does not understand anything about the economy and has always left a black hole in the pocket,'' he concluded.