The Republic of Croatia has become very attractive for economic migrants.

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By Ina Stašević, Croatia/Europe: In the last few years, we have witnessed mass migrations to the European Union. Migration has become like a flood. It's hard to stop them. As a member of the European Union, the Republic of Croatia has become very attractive for economic migrants. The arrival of hundreds of thousands of people from India and Nepal for economic reasons has become a challenge for every society in the EU in a short period of time. Croatia as a global tourist destination has thus become home to numerous foreign workers in sectors such as tourism, hospitality and construction. At the same time Croatia has also been affected by a wave of migration, as many young people are leaving the country. Croats are also looking for a better life in the countries of the rich West, such as Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, America and that's how we became a nation with a large diaspora in the world. There are currently around 100,000 foreign workers in Croatia. This year, it is expected that over 200,000 work permits could be issued. Croatia is changing. Migration is a natural process. It's nothing new.

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At coffee with Ina (that's the name of my newspaper column), I met an Indian man with a Croatian passport. This is Mr. Ratan Kumar Chaudhary, born in Ghazipur near Calcutta. I asked him about life in Zagreb. Ratan Kumar Chaudhary had an eventful career in Indian field hockey. He played for professional club MOHUN BAGAN AC, the most popular club in India. At first, he played football, then field hockey, cricket, tennis. As a representative of India in field hockey, in 1977 and 1978 he was the captain and coach who contributed to the winning of many trophies. He came to Croatia in 1977 as part of a cultural exchange between India and the former Yugoslavia. In 1996, he was the coach of the Croatian national team in field hockey.

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While drinking coffee, Ratan Kumar Chaudhary says that he lives comfortably in Zagreb. He thinks that the city is conservative, which suits him. Zagreb fulfilled all his expectations, and as he points out - the beauty of life is in the spirit. He says about Croatia that it is a sports country and that is why he is very well accepted here. Now, his life is focused on helping migrants for easier integration into the local society. He proudly points out that he goes to India several times every year in search of flavors and colors, and to renew old friendships. He says that the society of India and Croatia must invest more in young people and teach young people the discipline of the spirit because that is the only way they will succeed wherever they live. To teach young people to sincerely believe in themselves and believe in their God, regardless of his name. Shiva, Yahweh, Jesus, Allah.

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Ratan notes that in India, parents invest significantly in the knowledge and education of their children, so that there are now many college-educated people in India, and it is predicted that in 2030, about 70% of young people will be educated. This is the future of India, a country with a population of one and a half billion, which has enormous human potential.