In Gaza City IDF troops battle Hamas operatives

In Gaza City, IDF troops battle Hamas operatives, find tunnel shafts and rocket launchers.

New Update


BY A STAFF REPORTER: The IDF says troops killed numerous Hamas operatives over the past day, as it presses on with a large-scale operation in Gaza City’s Zeitoun neighborhood and as fighting continues in southern Gaza’s Khan Younis.

In Zeitoun, the IDF says the 401st Armored Brigade killed several gunmen — including by calling in airstrikes — destroyed tunnel shafts and rocket launchers, and captured weapons.


The 215th Artillery Regiment also directed airstrikes against Hamas operatives in northern Gaza, including against a pair that opened fire at troops, the IDF says.

In central Gaza, the IDF says the Nahal Brigade killed several more Hamas operatives — including by calling in airstrikes and using a drone — and captured weapons.

In southern Gaza’s Khan Younis, the 98th Division is continuing the fighting against Hamas.