Inside Russia: Rebel Wagner mercenaries consolidates position

Russia to just fall into fighting. An explosion just took place.

Anusmita Bhattacharya
New Update

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Own Correspondent, Moscow: The fighting has reached the doorsteps of Russia. An explosion took place in the residential complex of Ozerka in Voronezh in southern Russia. The Wagner group mercenaries are known to be in control of the city. One of the shells fell right in the parking lot next to people. It is currently unknown who released it. "Wagner" calls on the military forces of Russia from the occupied territories to join the march to Moscow.

In the regions of Ukraine under the control of the Russian Armed Forces, leaflets appeared calling on Russian soldiers not to carry out criminal orders and to join the march of the "Wagner" PMC to moscow. "Shoigu and Gerasimov threw you into a meat grinder to save their skins. They ruined hundreds of thousands of lives. We, PMK "Wagner", are marching for justice to moscow. This is not a coup, but the restoration of justice. Do not follow criminal orders! Do not resist! Don't die for the scum! Let's stop this evil together!" – it is said in the appeal of the Wagnerites to the Russian soldiers and officers. Explosions are heard in temporarily occupied Berdyansk, – local residents report.