Brutal killings: 950 killed in one day

Russia and Ukraine are at war. This time, Ukrainian forces killed 950 soldiers of the Russian army.

26 Jun 2023
Ukrainian Army

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By a Staff Reporter: The war between Russia and Ukraine is getting worse. A virtual death march continues across Ukraine as a result of Russian forces' attacks. Russian forces continue to attack several regions of Ukraine. As a result, the soil of Ukraine is soaked with the blood of military and civilians every day. However, the Ukrainian forces are continuing to attack them to stop the Russian forces. As a result, soldiers are dying every day in the Russian army.

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On the one hand, as Russia has fixed the goal of occupying Ukraine, on the other hand, Ukraine has also fixed the goal of not giving up. In this situation, this time, the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces released information on the losses of the Russian military forces in the war until June 26. Where it is claimed, Ukrainian forces have killed 950 Russian soldiers in a single day. According to the data, bringing the total number of Russian forces killed in the war so far to 225,580.