BREAKING: Russian forces attack various areas of Ukraine

Russia continues to destroy several areas of Ukraine.

New Update

By a Staff Reporter: Russia continues its offensive to end Ukraine. Russian military forces attacked several areas of Ukraine on Sunday. The attack was carried out in Slovianska. There was extensive damage. Pavlo Kyrylenko, head of the Donetsk regional military administration, reported the attack. There was also a terrible attack on Novoukraintska. There was damage to a house and an outbuilding. Russia's desire to end Ukraine is far from over. The attack was carried out in Toretsk. 12 houses have been completed there. The attack took place in Shcherbynivka. 2 houses were heavily damaged in the area. Since morning, Russian forces have intensified their attacks in Kostiantynivka. 4 houses and 2 garages were damaged as a result of the attack by Russian forces in Kostiantynivka. The intensity of the attack in Chasovyi Yar was very high. 1 house was completely destroyed as a result of the attack in Chasovyi Yar. Also 3 more houses were heavily damaged. Ukraine's Siversk also observed the intensity of Russian attacks. 2 houses were damaged in the attack on Siversk. Also attacked by Russian forces in Zvanivka. 1 house was damaged in the attack in the area. However, no casualties were reported as a result of the attack in these areas.