Big news: The fierce fight is going on

A terrible fight is going on. The death march continues. Where is this fight? Read the report if you want to know.

New Update
ukraine drone

By a Staff Reporter: Russian forces continue to advance across Ukraine. But the situation in Bakhmut and Marinka in Ukraine is dire. Russian forces are continuously attacking these two areas. Ukrainian forces are also responding to Russian attacks. Bakhmut and Marinka became the center of the fight. Today already Ukrainian troops repulsed more than 42 Russian attacks in Bakhmut and Marinka.But the Russian forces are on the offensive. Ukrainian forces are also known to be attacking Russian forces. It should be noted that Russia has already announced the goal of occupying Bakhmut in Ukraine. The fight has been going on for a long time. The attack left Bakhmut virtually in ruins. As a result of the attack, the de facto death march continues in Bakhmut. Currently, the situation in Marinka is also getting worse. It should be noted that in the meantime, Russian forces have attacked Kyiv in Ukraine again. Russian forces are attacking Kyiv one after another. The current attack has caused widespread tension in Kyiv. The attack spread widespread fear among the common people. In addition, it is known that several regions of Ukraine are being attacked one after the other. Russian forces continue firing. An airstrike warning has been issued in several regions of Ukraine. It is feared that these areas may be attacked at any moment. Locals have been asked to stay in safe shelter. Ukrainian forces are deployed in different regions. Ukrainian forces are preparing to resist any attack.