Big news: One  after another attack in the city

The city of Nikopol continues to be attacked one after another. As a result, extensive damage has been caused.

28 Apr 2023
Big news: One  after another attack in the city



By a Staff Reporter: Russian forces continue to attack Ukraine. Russian forces continue to attack one city after another in Ukraine. As a result of the attack, several cities in Ukraine have been reduced to virtual ruins. On Thursday, Russian forces attacked several cities in Ukraine. The attack by Russian forces continued to cause fear among civilians across Ukraine on Thursday. Russian forces attacked Ukraine's Nikopol on Thursday. Russian forces have shelled the area one after the other. It is known that the Russian forces fired a total of 4 times in Nikopol on this day. The attack caused extensive damage throughout Nikopol. A number of houses in New Nikopol were virtually reduced to rubble. The fire was reported to be burning in Pokrovsk and Marhanets communities in Nikopol. About three dozen shells were fired from heavy artillery and MLRS in these areas. As a result, the agricultural establishments of Pokrovsk and Marhanets community areas are said to have been destroyed. 700 chickens are said to have died as a result of this attack. The attack spread panic throughout Nikopol. Death is feared among common people. It is feared that in Nikopol may be attacked again. Dnipropetrovsk RMA chief Serhii Lysak reported the attack. She also said that Ukrainian forces have reached the attack site. Ukrainian forces are currently deployed at the site of the attack. Measures are being taken so that they can resist any new attack at any moment. Rescue operations have already started. No casualties have been reported so far in the attack. But common people are in panic. Incidentally, Russian forces have attacked Nikopol in Ukraine several times before. As a result, everything from death to destruction has becoming normal in the region. At present, all common people have been asked to stay in safe shelter. A warning is said to be in place in Nikopol.