Big news: A series of attacks on several cities in Ukraine

Several cities in Ukraine have been attacked. There is widespread panic.

New Update

By a Staff Reporter: The war between Russia and Ukraine is getting worse. In this situation, Russian forces have attacked several cities in Ukraine. The attacks took place in Avdiivka, New York, Horlivka, Chasovyi Yar, Lysychansk, Siversk, Zvanivka and Lyman regions. One person was injured as a result of the attack in Avdiivka. 5 buildings were damaged in New York. 1 aircraft damaged by bombs towards Horlivka. 1 local residence was damaged in Chasovyi Yar. 1 house was damaged towards Lysychansk, 1 house in Siversk, 1 house in Zvanivka. Lyman has already been shelled 19 times.