Do You Know How The Holi Festival Of Colors Started ?

Holi is the festival of colors.

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BY A STAFF REPORTER: Dol Purnima or Holi is celebrated with great pomp across the country. We wait all year for this spring festival. Everyone across the country is playing Abir.

In the spring love season, the color becomes more colorful. For many years, this Holi or spring festival is celebrated in different ways in different parts of the country. But all festivals have a beginning, so do you know how this festival of Holi or Dol started? Let's find out. 

When we think of Holi or the festival of colors, the first thing that comes to mind is Lord Radha and Krishna. We have heard about Radha and Krishna playing Holi in Vrindavan. But many of us may not know the real story. So let's find out first. 

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According to the Puranas, Lord Krishna painted Radharani in his own colors with the help of Mother Yashoda. According to a legend, Lord Krishna always questioned his mother about his dark complexion. One day Mother Yashomati advised him that if he applied color on Radha's face, then Radha's skin color would also become like Kanha. Hearing this advice, Lord Krishna started preparing to apply color on Radha.

Lord Krishna liked this suggestion of Yashoda Maa very much and together with his cowherd friends created some unique colours. So that he wanted to paint Radha Rani in that special color. He had reached Braj to give colour to Radharani.

It is known that Lord Krishna along with his friends also painted Radha and her friends in full swing. The people of Braj also loved his mischief and it is then that the festival of Holi of colours is believed to have begun. Therefore, even after so many years, Holi or Holi festival is celebrated with the same enthusiasm all over the country. 

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