Problems with insomnia? Change these habits

Can't you sleep night after night? Suffering from insomnia? Change these habits to get rid of this.

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By a staff reporter: According to the doctor's advice, a person needs 6–8 hours of sleep every day for a healthy body. But if this sleep is disturbed, serious problems can arise. Sleep gives complete rest to a person's body and mind. Insomnia is a sleep disorder characterized by difficulty falling or staying asleep, ranging from acute to chronic, with acute episodes lasting a few weeks and chronic episodes lasting over three months.

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What causes this disease?

What is Insomnia? | Aster

Insomnia is caused by excess worry or stress. Besides, excessive talking on the phone, excessive phone browsing, and stress cause insomnia. This disease occurs even if you drink excessive caffeine, i.e., tea or coffee, in excess. Excessive smoking or excessive drug use can also cause insomnia.

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