Electricity bills are on the rise!

The price of electricity suddenly increased. People are worried.

Shroddha Bhattacharyya
New Update

By a staff reporter: According to CESC and West Bengal State Electricity Distribution, there has been no increase in electricity prices. Rather, the slab is lowered. As a result, many people are worried. In the past, for 300 units, the customer had to pay Rs. 1699.50 as per the three-month bill tariff. At present, the customer has to pay Rs. 1959.03 as a result of changing the slab. In the past, if 250 electric units were used, the bill would have been a little more than 1500 rupees. At present, 1700 rupees have to be paid. 

Examining Electricity (Amendment) Bill, 2020 - TheDailyGuardian

After changing the slab, the new customization in the bill is that up to 30 units will be charged at Rs. 5 per unit, up to 52 units will be charged at Rs. 6.24 per unit, up to 87 units will be charged at Rs. 6.89 per unit, up to 174 units will be charged at Rs. 7.44 per unit, and up to 261 units will be charged at Rs. 7 per unit. 

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