PhD, who had an international career in Germany, won the Golden Deer Trophy in the middle of last hunting season.

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Ina Stašević from Croatia: Well-known gynecologist Prof. Zlako Hrgović MD. PhD, who made his international career in Germany, won the golden deer trophy in the middle of the last hunting season. As a frequent guest in the state hunting grounds managed by the Croatian Forest institution, he went hunting primarily for wild boar. A follower spotted a deer on the edge of the forest while hunting. dr. Hrgović, as an experienced and skilled shooter, did not miss the hunting luck that suddenly appeared to him. With a precise shot, the deer stayed in place. A pleasant surprise for the lucky hunter was the trophy's official score of a high 220.17 points.


This is the highest trophy grade for deer antlers in this hunting ground, which is a source of pride for the Croatian Forestry institution that takes care of that part of the hunting ground. This confirms the success of the hosts in breeding trophy game, which places the northwestern part of Croatia on the European map of top hunting grounds and encourages the development of hunting tourism.