Worship Ganesh Chaturthi with 5 flowers

Ganesha arrives before Durga Puja. Do You doing Ganesh puja on Chaturthi this year? Then know how to satisfy Vinayak. Offer flowers of him choice.

Pallabi Sanyal
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By A Staff Reporter : To appease a deity, offer his favorite food. Do Puja with god/goddess favorite flowers.You will be blessed. Ganesh Chaturthi is ahead.This report contains the name of Ganesha's favorite flower.Similarly jaba, jasmine, marigold, kalke, aparajita flowers are also very dear to Siddhidata.If you worship Vinayak with these 5 flowers, he will be satisfied.


Red jaba or blood jaba is Ganesha's favorite flower. This red jawa is the symbol of Mars and Moon. Also this red flower is shown as a symbol of prosperity and evil.Along with jaba, jasmine garland is also favourite  of Ganesha.This jasmine is a symbol of unity.Aparajita garland is also worn to Ganesha.Marigolds are also loved by Ganesha. Marigolds are symbols of good health. Yellow fruits and calcareous flowers are also very loved by Ganesha. As yellow is Ganesha's favorite color, yellow colored dhoti is worn on Ganesha.