What kind of Ganesha statue to buy?

Know how to set up idols before Ganesh Puja. The main point is Ganesha's trunk. Also keep several things in mind. If you worship Ganesh Chaturthi with devotion, you will get the blessings of Ganapati.

Pallabi Sanyal
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By A Staff Reporter :  A significant aspect of Ganesha Puja is the trunk of Ganesha. Many people have confusion on the trunk, where it is placed, in the right side or left side. Which side is lucky?In the scriptures, the rules for worshiping Ganesha idols are specified based on the direction in which this trunk will be placed.It is said that such idols should be brought in the house, whose trunk is on the left side.Bring the seated Ganesha idol home. Such Ganesha idol should be brought in the house, where rat is also kept along with the idol.