Ganesha does not like! Don't do such things on Chaturthi

As the deities are pleased when they are offered the things they like, on the contrary, they get angry when we do things they don't like. It can be very bad for luck. know what to not do on Ganesh Chaturthi.

Pallabi Sanyal
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By A Staff Reporter : You already know how to appease Lord Ganesha on Ganesh Chaturthi. As mentioned in previous reports on flowers of his  choice and sweets. Now find out about Ganapati's dislike.The place where Ganesha is kept should be kept clean. Because Ganesha doesn't like dirty. Do not leave things like plastic, paper or flower petals around it. Meditate slowly and peacefully without playing loud music during Ganesh Puja. Don't place Ganesha idols in dark places. Keep light around Ganesha. Darkness is considered inauspicious.Do not keep two Ganesha idols at home.Ganesha idol should not be immersed in any river or sea. Lord Ganesha feels dishonored by this. Do not eat onions and garlic on Puja day. Don't offer tulsi to Ganesha.