Doing Ganesh puja at home? Know details

Ganesh Chaturthi is ahead. You can do puja at home. There are some rules in that case. Many people worship Ganesha on Chaturthi Thithi. Read the report to know what to do.

Pallabi Sanyal
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By A Staff Reporter : Apart from Mumbai, Ganesh Chaturthi is also celebrated with great fanfare in our state. Many people do Ganesh Puja at home on Chaturthi Thithi. But do you know, there are rules for installing Ganesha idols.

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How to do puja?

On the day of Ganesh Puja, one should first take a bath and wear clean clothes.After that cut the tilak on the forehead and spread the seat facing east and sit for the puja.Red cloth should be spread over the wooden chowki or wheat, gram and joar while installing the Ganesha idol. Do not sit on torn ashana.Ganesha should be placed in the north, east or north-east side of the house.After Ganesha installation make navagraha, sixteenth matrika etc.From the beginning to the end of the puja, chant Om Shriganeshaya Namah or Om Gong Ganapatae Namah Mantra.Bathe Ganesha after offering Asana. Then give  Ganesha his favourite laddus. At the end express your feelings by offering aarti to Ganesha.