Uniform Civil Code

Article- Uniform Civil Code refers to having every citizen of India being regulated under one single uniform legal system. It has an advantage that every person will be equal in front of the eyes of law.

New Update

UCC refers to Uniform civil code. It can be defined as a single law by which all th people of a country are bound. The government wants to implement this UCC in  India.Many people are against and for it. In short terms, people are divided between each other regarding their opinion on UCC. Many people, who are against it claim that India is a diverse country of different religions, and hence their should be different rules for different religions. They argue due to this, it will not be plausible to have a single legal regulating unit. On the other hand, many people say all the citizens are equal and should be subjected to same law to avoid any favourable treatment. They are equal law will remove any sort of unethical biasness.This government may implement UCC.