Dalai Lama is visiting Bengal and Sikkim

The Dalai Lama first came to India in 1956 to attend the 2500th anniversary of Buddha Jayanti.

New Update


BY A STAFF REPORTER: 14th Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama is visiting India and Sikkim. Today Saturday he left for India. According to official sources, he will deliver his speech in India from December 12 to 14. His visit will intensify diplomatic discussions on the ongoing border tensions between India and China. It is learned that he will teach the 37 practices of Gyalse Thokme Sangpo Bodhisattva ie 'Leklen Sodunma' in the morning at the Paljore Stadium at the request of the Sikkim State Government.

The Dalai Lama's secretary, Chimi Rigjin said, "His Holiness is going to Sikkim on the invitation of the Sikkim State Government and CM Prem Singh Tamang and he will be there for two days during which he will teach at Paljore Stadium, which is a public education and the next day for His Holiness. A state banquet and then on the morning of the 14th he goes to Salugara and there he gives a public lecture."

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