Union Minister Chirag Paswan Addresses NEET Issue

Union Minister Chirag Paswan assures transparency on the NEET issue and defends new criminal laws, urging opposition to engage constructively.

Sumit Kumar
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Chirag Paswan

By A Staff Reporter

Delhi: Union Minister Chirag Paswan addressed concerns over the NEET issue and new criminal laws, emphasizing the government's commitment to transparency and proper legislative process.

"Discussion is always done after the Motion of Thanks on the President's address. The government has nothing to hide on the NEET issue. Central agencies are carrying out investigations on the issue of paper leaks, and the government will take a decision in the interests of children," Paswan assured.

Regarding the new criminal laws, Paswan stated, "The laws are passed after holding proper discussions. New provisions have been added. The opposition should not oppose everything that is passed by the government." He urged the opposition to engage constructively rather than opposing for the sake of it.