Three Injured Meerut Residents to Return After Reasi Bus Attack

Joint Magistrate Kandarkar Kamalkishor Deshbhushan confirms that three Meerut residents injured in the Reasi bus terror attack are being cared for, and arrangements are underway for their return home.

Sumit Kumar
New Update
Reasi Bus Attack

Meerut, Uttar Pradesh: Following the Reasi bus terror attack, Joint Magistrate Kandarkar Kamalkishor Deshbhushan provided an update on the status of three injured residents from Meerut. The individuals, identified as Tarun Kumar, his uncle Pradeep Kumar, and Pawan Kumar, were on the bus during the attack.

Deshbhushan visited the residence of Tarun Kumar and reported, "He has sustained injuries, otherwise his health is fine. Care is being taken of them." He reassured that necessary arrangements are being made to ensure their safe return to Meerut. "Arrangements are being made to bring them back," Deshbhushan added