RSS Leader Indresh Kumar Lauds PM Modi's Leadership

RSS leader Indresh Kumar praises PM Modi's leadership, attributing his third-term success to 'Ram Bhakts' and urging national unity for faster growth.

Sumit Kumar
New Update
RSS Leader Indresh Kumar

By A Staff Reporter: RSS leader Indresh Kumar, in a recent statement to PTI, praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi's leadership and attributed his third-term success to the support of 'Ram Bhakts.' "The latest news is that those who were 'Ram Virodhi' are out of power while 'Ram Bhakts' are in power; that is why Narendra Modi has become the PM for a third time. The country will make progress under his leadership. And, I request all to bring this feeling in every individual so that the country can grow faster," said Kumar.

Kumar's comments highlight a perceived shift in political power dynamics and emphasize the role of religious sentiment in Modi's continued leadership