Ram Mohan Naidu Criticizes Conditional Support for Speaker Post

Union Minister Ram Mohan Naidu Kinjarapu rebukes opposition for imposing conditions on supporting Om Birla's nomination as Lok Sabha Speaker, emphasizing democracy should not be conditional.

Sumit Kumar
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Ram Mohan Naidu

By A Staff Reporter: Union Civil Aviation Minister and TDP leader Ram Mohan Naidu Kinjarapu criticized the opposition for setting conditions on their support for Om Birla's nomination as Lok Sabha Speaker. "It is not a good thing to keep conditions. Democracy does not work on conditions," Naidu stated.

He commended the NDA's efforts, particularly those of senior leader Rajnath Singh, in reaching out to garner support for Birla. "Rajnath Singh ji reached out to everyone, including the opposition, and told them we are proposing Om Birla ji's name, so your help is needed in this," he explained.

Naidu disapproved of the opposition's demand to exchange support for the Speaker nomination with a guarantee of the Deputy Speaker position. "There was never a convention to support the Speaker on a conditional basis... They want to do politics in this too," he remarked.